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In the Relic forests, people are used to finding outlandish garbage - the legacy of past centuries. One day, people from nearby villages start to spread the rumour that an eccentric man has moved to the old manor near the mountain, and that he's ready to pay gold for the iron debris of old titans. So, little by little, people start visiting the manor that, in olden times, was called THE PLACE OF POWER.

You are an medieval alchemist. Your main goal to discover the secrets of the ancient technology and build the ultimate weapon. You need to make a lot of experiments to discover the best recipes how to transform materials into pure elements (like Gold and Titanium). You can make up to 3 transformations of each material before disintegration. Actually disintegration available even on early stages of transformation, but usually it is not the optimal way of materials processing
Also don't forget to hire new workers and manage existing ones.


Tip: we are strongly recommend you to play with a sheet of paper to fix the results of the experiments.

Left click - take all items (Right click - take half of the items).
Left click - put all the items (Right click - put one).
Shift + left mouse button - move item to the stack

Team AAAA:
- Artist: Alexey Testov / @Biuzer
- Programmer: Andrii Vinchkovskiy / @AVinchkovskiy
- Game Designer: Alexey Davydov / @flazm
- Sounds and music: Alexander Ahura / @ahuraster


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Fe: blue (x7), green (x2), red (x4) (560)

Si: purple (x7), red (x2), blue (x6) (840)

Ti: blue (x8), green (x2), red (x5) (800)

Au: brown (x2), blue (x10), red (x4) (1600)

Pl: green (x2), red (x2), blue (x20) (2400)



If expanded, this could be the foundation of a really cool game, it's nice as is, but over fast and there's only really one puzzle. (put one raw material in each place you have available, whichever is the best, make more of, put one of them in each, whichever is the best make more of, repeat.) I did enjoy my time with this game though, and the art is really nice.

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Great game, maybe add a list for the possible combinations that you discover so you can remember which was the best one.